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  Eucalyptus camphora (Mountain Swamp Gum)

Eucalyptus camphora photo
Flowers of Eucalyptus camphora subsp. humeana in the Alpine National Park in Victoria

Photograph by Murray Fagg. Some rights reserved.    (view image details)

Eucalyptus camphora photo
Flowers of Eucalyptus camphora subsp. camphora in the Australian National Botanic Gardens

Photograph by Murray Fagg. Some rights reserved.    (view image details)

Description, Habitat and Distribution information is sourced from: G.M.Chippendale (2017) Eucalyptus camphora. In: Flora of Australia. Australian Biological Resources Study, Department of the Environment and Energy, Canberra. Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license.


distribution map showing range of Eucalyptus camphora in Australia

Map is from The Atlas of Living Australia web site, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License

Common Name
Mountain Swamp Gum

Tree to 22 m. Bark smooth throughout, though often with accumulated decorticating bark at trunk base, grey to brown-grey to almost black. Juvenile leaves ovate, emarginate, green, slightly discolorous. Adult leaves ovate or broadly lanceolate, sometimes emarginate; lamina 6-13 cm long, 3.8-5 cm wide, shining, green; lateral veins distinct, at 35° -40° ; intramarginal vein up to 2 mm from margin; petiole terete, 25-40 mm long. Umbels 7-flowered; peduncle terete, 10-18 mm long; pedicels 2-5 mm long. Buds fusiform; operculum conical or slightly rostrate, 4-5 mm long, 3-5 mm wide; hypanthium obconical, 2-3 mm long, 3-5 mm wide. Fruits obconical, 4-6 mm long and wide; disc narrow, level or slightly ascending; valves 3 or 4, level or slightly exserted.

Grows in valleys and marshes of mountain regions in forest.

Occurs from near Wallangarra, Qld, to near Glen Innes, N.S.W., then from the Rylstone district to Megalong Valley, and from the southern tablelands of N.S.W. to southern Vic.

Common Name:Mountain Swamp Gum

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