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  Grevillea 'Long John'

Grevillea 'Long John' photo
Grevillea 'Long John'. A hybrid between Grevillea longistyla and G. johnsonii.

Photograph by John Rusk from Berkeley, CA. Some rights reserved.    (view image details)

Grevillea 'Long John' photo
Grevillea 'Long John' in the Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College, El Cajon, California,

Photograph by Stickpen. License: Public Domain.    (view image details)


Other Names
G. longistyla x johnsonii

Grevillea 'Long John' is a dense upright shrub growing 2 m to 3 m tall and 2 m to 3 m wide. The leaves are up to 25 cm long and deeply lobed with narrow linear lobes about 2 mm to 3 mm wide, giving the foliage an appearance like pine needles. Ball shaped clusters of pink red flowers are produced from September through to April. The cultivar originated as a seedling grown and propagated in Queensland by Rodger Elliot. It may be a hybrid between Grevillea longistyla and Grevillea johnsonii. It was accepted for registration with Australian Cultivar Registration Authority (ACRA) in January 2007. This plant is sometimes sold as a Grevillea 'Elegance'.

Growth Characteristics
Height: 2m - 3m
Spread: 2m - 3m

Variety:'Long John'

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