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  Carpobrotus rossii (Karkalla)

Carpobrotus rossii photo
Native Pigface (Carpobrotus rossii), Cape Raoul, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania,

Photograph by JJ Harrison ( Some rights reserved.    (view image details)

Carpobrotus rossii photo
Carpobrotus rosii (Karkalla or Native Pigface) - Otway Ranges, Victoria

Photograph by Rexness from Melbourne. Some rights reserved.    (view image details)

Description and Habitat information is sourced from: State of Victoria (Agriculture Victoria), Victorian Resources Online, Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license.

Growth Characteristics information is sourced from: State Flora Catalog, Government of South Australia Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license.


distribution map showing range of Carpobrotus rossii in Australia

Map is from The Atlas of Living Australia web site, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License

Common Name

Other Names
Ross's Noonflower, Karkalla, Native Pigface

Karkalla is a perennial succulent with trailing stems to 1 m long or more, which often root at the nodes. Leaves opposite, 3.5-10 cm long and 6-11 mm thick, often incurved, green to glaucous (blue-green with a whitish bloom), smooth and triangular with more or less flat (slightly concave) faces and sharp angles.

Flowers 3.5-5.5 cm diameter when open and of numerous linear petals (actually sterile stamens) which are light purple, merging to white at their bases. The fruit is fig-like, fleshy and indehiscent, slightly flattened and globular to ellipsoid in shape, 1.5-2.5 cm long and dull red in colour. Flowers in spring and summer.

sand dunes and cliffs, sandy soils around coastal lakes and marshes. Occasionally found slightly inland.

common around coastline of Victoria, South Australian and Tasmania

Growth Characteristics
Height (m): 0.1
Spread (m): 2 - 3
Soil Texture: sand, loam, clay
Soil pH: acid soils, neutral soils, alkaliine soils
Frost Sensitivity: resistant
Minimum Rainfall (mm): 300
Flower Colour: pink
Flower Season: winter, spring, summer

(source: SA State Flora Catalog)

Common Name:Karkalla

Relatives in same Genus
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