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  Caladenia flava (Cowslip Orchid)

Caladenia flava photo
Caladenia flava or cowslip orchid, Monadnocks Conservation reserve

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Caladenia flava photo
A species of Caladenia, probably Caladenia flava in a disturbed and seasonally wet area of Jarrah Forest.

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distribution map showing range of Caladenia flava in Australia

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Common Name
Cowslip Orchid

Other Names
Butter Orchid

The Cowslip Orchid is a perennial yellow flowered orchid from Western Australia. The flowers are bright yellow and may have reddish markings on the dorsal sepal and lateral petals. Some plants produce paler yellow or white flowers. Flowers are produced in clusters of two to four on stems to 30 cm. Individual flowers are about 35 mm in diameter. Flowering is in late winter and spring from around July to October and the leaves die back after flowering. The plant grows from a tuber and produces a long hairy leaf up to about 15 cm long.

forest, woodland, rocky outcrops

Caladenia flava is found in south west of Western Australia from about Geraldton to Esperance.

Growth Characteristics
Height: 30cm

Common Name:Cowslip Orchid

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