Australian Native Plants

Australian Native Plants

The OzNativePlants web site presents photos and information covering a wide range of Australian native plants.

There are fact sheets for each plant including description, habitat, distribution, growth characteristics and wildlife interest.

The site is for anyone with an interest in Australian native plants in the bush or in the garden. Many of the well-known native plants such as eucalypts, banksias, callistemons and melaleucas are featured, along with many less common plants.

The OzNativePlants web site is for information only. We do not produce any plants or stock any plants. We do not sell any plants or offer any plants for sale.

The information provided on the OzNativePlants web site is for general educational information purposes only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions. Here you can read an article about the drug - tadalafil and canadian online pharmacy. It is recommended that you seek professional advice for your own individual needs.

lorikeet feeding in Grevillea Honey Gem
Lorikeet feeeding in Grevillea 'Honey Gem'

What's New

Added new pages to cover some Brachychiton species. This includes species such as the Illawarra Flame Tree, Bottle Trees and Kurrajong trees.

Australian Cycads
Australia has a large number of cycads (cycad palms). We have added to the cycad section of the site with a number of Macrozamia species.

The Hakea genus contains a number of beautiful Australian Native flowers suitable for cultivation, as well as many species that are not commonly grown in gardens or landscape. The site now features a number of these plants.

Added some more of these great bird attracting plants.

Grevillea collage

Some rainforest ferns added to the site, including the Staghorn Fern, Elkforn Fern and Birds Nest Fern